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For men who’d wish to increase penis size which is absolutely safe and without any side effects, Phallosan Extender may be the answer to that…

Now, if you think you will be able to increase 5 inches in a month, then you my friend are just dreaming! Yes, you could increase your size considerably, and I mean around 1 inch approximately, but this is not a magic machine; improvements will take time and it will be very slowly… this is the fact!

Now that we are on the same page, let me tell you that you have come to the right place cause Phallosan is indeed the real deal, and may work for you if you use it correctly and keep an open mind, cause Phallosan is a proven system.

Phallosan provides a novel way of providing you with a permanent size gain by both utilizing the elongating and vacuum ability of the penis. This will be done in a painless way, with a reduced possibility of penis curvature.

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Its maximum benefits and effects can be felt within six months of usage. Using a combination of vacuum and tractive force, men can attain an average of 1.9 inches longer and 1 inch thicker penis during that period.

While most penis extenders bring about a great deal of discomfort among its users and even inflict harm at its worst, Phallosan extender is guaranteed to be 100% safe. It would not cause any hurt or irritation so you can wear it even at night. Its manufacturers even assert that its users can wear the product for as long as 12 hours without any troubles. And this is what makes Phallosan stand out above other similar products in the market.

Phallosan works by utilizing its vacuum ability to gradually elongate the penis. It effectively incites the reproduction of cells within.

How To Use Phallosan Extender

Phallosan Discrete Shipping

Phallosan Discrete Shipping

Put the airtight condom over the head of the penis. Move the device down the shaft. Attach a latex sleeve to the lower part of the penis to ensure that it is sealed and will keep the air from entering in…

…there is a foam-covered rubber loop also where you have to put your penis. An adjustable belt is then placed around the hips to support it.

Phallosan Extender is fairly simple to use and you do not have to constantly alter the intensity of the force used to enlarge the penis. What is more, this device can be put on unnoticeable under the clothes for as long as 12 hours. Just ensure that you change the direction of the pull after two days so that the penis will be stretched evenly.

Within the stretch condom, a vacuum that has been produced equally allocates the tugging force over the penis shaft without inflicting any pain whatsoever. This vacuum also enables the condom to firmly hold the penis over a long period of time no matter how very small the penis is.

Phallosan Supporting Evidence

On the talks about the safety of Phallosan extender, here are supporting evidences to prove that fact. Phallosan is endorsed by medical practitioners in the United States for selling and distribution.

This device is certified by the EC Council Directive 93/42/EEC and met the Standards EN 980, EN ISO 14971 and EN ISO 10993-1. Phallosan Extender therefore passed the quality requirements for safety.

Every bits and pieces used in the production of Phallosan is proven safe. They were even subjected to bio-compatibility assessment in which they were also approved. All its components are guaranteed safe and strong. The stretch belt is made from textiles free from formaldehyde.

Medical foam silicone comprises the counter support on the belt. Phallosan clip contains zero amount of nickel while vacuum condoms are free from any ingredients which may cause skin irritation.

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Phallosan Clinical Test

Phallosan Extender is the most highly recommended by experts for permanent penile growth. It is proven through clinical studies to be 100% safe and effective and without any risk of side effects.

In one clinical test conducted in January 2005 by Dr. Sohn, a  known professor and Chief Physician at a German urological clinic, the effects of Phallosan was studied among patients between 20 and 68 years of age.

The participants reported an increase of their penis size with an average of 1.9 inches within six months. They also experienced more from the use of the device like better erections, more intense libido and a straighter penis.

The study also verified that more favourable results can be obtained if Phallosan is used longer. Even if the device was worn for several hours, the patients did not even suffer from any pain.

Not all extenders can make the same assertions as Phallosan. It has been clinically proven safe and effective and with more additional benefits which you cannot find anywhere else.

Phallosan Benefits

In summary, here are all the benefits you can derive from Phallosan Extender:

Increased penis size up to 1.9 inches longer and 1 inch thicker permanently
Improved erections
Enhanced libido
Unbending curvatures
Painless and safe to use even up to 12 hours
Reasonably priced for only $299 (+ $19 shipping cost)
Available support from product specialists (i.e. Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm)
All parts under a 2-year warranty (except for protector caps and vacuum condoms)

Phallosan Extender can be purchased via their official website. Your product purchase will also include a manual written in 15 languages. It contains all the necessary instructions so you will experience the maximum benefits it offers.

Phallosan can be delivered to you in discreet packages so others will have no idea about your product order. Hope this hones Phallosan help you to have a better idea regarding this fabulous extender.

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